3595-9X Series SNet to Ethernet Interfaces

The 3595-9X Interface series replaces the 3595-9A, 3595-9B, 3595-9D series of interface units that were needed to allow an IMP SNET network to communicate with a host PC over Ethernet.

This means that, IMPs can be interfaced with any type of computer irrespective of operating system, opening up a wide range of additional applications.

The 3595-9X series eliminate the cost of replacing existing IMPs and S-Net networks when upgrading Pcs and software.

All communication and power connections are made via standard plugs and sockets on the panels of the unit.


Model/Connector 3595-9A1  3595-9D1  3595-9E
  Rack Mount Wall Mount  Desktop
 # S-Net Female DType 4  4  1
# S-Net Power Male DType N/A Internal 24V Power supply for SNet N/A Internal 24V power supply for SNet  1
 # 10/100M Ethernet (RJ45) 2  2 1
 Power Connector  AC IEC  AC IEC DC Micro USB
 USB Network US 2.0 Type B US 2.0 Type B  Micro USB
# USB 2.0 Type A Host for Keyboard and Mouse 2 2  N/A
# Standard HDMI  1 1  N/A
USB 2.0 Type B Client for USB Network Dark Grey  Dark Grey Clear Andonized
LED Indicators  1x Power 1x Power

1x Power

1x Host Comms

1x SNet Comms

1x IMP power


SNET Cable

AC Supply Requirements

Screened single pair cable 100 OHM impedance.

For 3595-9A1 and 3595-9D1 12-24AWG depending on network length and number of IMPs.

For 3595-9E, depends on external SNet power supply, see installation guide.

Model 3595-9A1 3595-9D1 3595-9E
  Rack Mount Wall Mount Desktop
Power 100-240V - 1.4A 50-60Hz 100-240V - 1.4A 50-60Hz 100-240V - 0.5A 50-60Hz

Operating Enviroment


Operating Temperature: 0 – 50°C

Relative Humidity: (0 – 40°C) < 90%

Protocol: TCP/IP compatible with original Solartron 3595-9X Series

TCP/IP Connection Port: 1234

Maximum Throughput: 850 results per second per SNet

Physical Enclosure

Model/Accesory 3595-9A1  3595-9D1  3595-9E
  Rack Mount Wall Mount  Desktop
Width Across Case 444.5 mm  221 mm  100
Width Across Flange 483 mm 273 mm  N/A
Height 133.35 mm (3U)  145 mm 553
 Length 221 mm  399 mm 160
 Weight 5 kg 5 kg  2 kg
Material Steel Steel  Aluminium
Colour  Dark Grey Dark Grey  Clear Anodized



Model/Accesory 3595-9A1  3595-9D1  3595-9E
  Rack Mount Wall Mount  Desktop
  1x Power Lead  1x Power Lead  AC to DC Power Adaptor
  2x Ethernet Patch Leads 2x Ethernet Patch Leads  N/A
  1x USB Type B Cable  1x USB Type B Cable 1x Micro USB Type B