3595-4U SNet - USB Interface

The 3595-4U interface replaces the 3595-4B and 3595-4C interface cards that were needed to allow an IMP SNET network to communicate with a host PC. The 3595-4U communicates via the PC’s USB interface.

This means that, for the first time, IMPs can be interfaced with a laptop rather than a desktop computer, opening up a wide range of additional application.

The 3595-4U eliminates the cost of replacing existing IMPs and S-Net networks when upgrading PCs and software. Using ScadaPro, multiple Imp S-Net networks can be support by multiple 3595-4U systems attached to the one PC.

All communication and power connections are made via standard plugs and sockets on the front and rear panels of the unit.

Front Panel of the Unit

Rear Panel of the Unit



Connects an IMP SNET network to a PC USB input.

Allows use of laptops with IMPs for the first time.

External IMP power supply.

Works with multiple interfaces supported by ScadaPro.

Power requirement: 24-48Vdc

External Power Supply connection: Panel mounted 9 pin D sub plug

Network Cable Details

Operating Conditions

Cable Spec: Screened single pair cable 100 Ohm impedance. 12-24AWG depending on network = length/number of IMPs

Maximum No. IMPs: 50

Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C

Relative humidity: (0 – 40°C) <90%



USB Cable

SNET network terminator on interface unit

24-48VDC power supply (not included)

Casing: Aluminium sealed to IP5

Size (w x d x h): 170 x 116 x 36mm

Weight: 2kg

Convertor for 3595-4U SNet - USB Interface over Ethernet

Extend USB over an Ethernet hub with the UE204 USB over IP Server / HUb. The UE204 allows multiple PC’s to interact with USB peripheral devices over your local area network. Simply load the free software on your PC and it will locate the USB hub on the network and allow you to use peripheral devices as if they were attached locally. USB to Ethernet converters are ideal for applications in which installing a local PC would be too cumbersome or expensive, such as kiosks or security applications.

Note: Refer to USB to Ethernet Converter Technical FAQ on Documentation / Download tab for list of support USB devices.