Solartron IMP Viewer and OPC Data Access and Excel RTD Server

Measuresoft IMP Viewer and OPC Data Access and Excel RTD Server

The Measuresoft IMP Server is an OPC Data Access and Excel RTD Server for the Solartron IMP range.

The Measuresoft IMP Server comes equipped with desktop configuration and monitoring tools, making network setup an effortless task. Setting up the IMP network, modules and channels is straightforward and user friendly.

Configuration is then used by the server to issue commands to the S-Net via a special interface installed in the PC, which initiates measurement of nominated channels. During the scanning operations, the Measuresoft IMP server manages all aspects of IMP and S_Net communications, initializing & programming the IMPs, commanding them to take measurements, receiving the incoming channel data and constantly monitoring the system for errors.


Compatible with both legacy (XP) and current versions of Windows 32-bit andr 64-bit versions are available

Compatible with the OPC Data Access v1.0 and v2.0 standards

Compatible with the Excel RTD standard

Compatible with 3595 4A/4B/4C plug-in cards, 3595 4U USB S-Net Interface and 3595 9X Series Ethernet Interfaces

Supports multiple S-Nets on a single PC using multiple 3595 4U USB S-Net interfaces

Interrogation of IMP S-Net network for module and reading of configuration from S-Net

Slow and fast acquisition speeds
Integration time

Temperature result setting

Calibration polynomials

Diagnostic channels and debug output for monitoring S-Net communications

Full traceability of all configuration changes to IMP OPC server

Dynamic reconfiguration of IMP channels e.g. modes tags etc without having to stop OPC clients

Support for 3595 1A/1B/1C/1D/1E/1H/1J/1Q1/2A and 2B IMP module types and all associated measurement modes

  • 35951A IMP - 20 Channel Analog FET
  • 35951B IMP - 10 Channel Strain Gauge
  • 35951C IMP - 20 Channel Analog Reed Relay
  • 35951C1 IMP - 20 Channel Analog Reed Relay
  • 35951D IMP - 4 Channel Analog Output
  • 35951E IMP - 20 Channel 500 Volt Isolation
  • 35951H IMP - 20 Channel Universal
  • 35951Q1 IMP - 20 Channel Universal
  • 35951J IMP - 20 Channel Universal with 500 Volt Isolation
  • 35952A IMP - 20 Channel Digital Input/Outputs
  • 35952B IMP - 32 Channel Digital Status/Event Input/Outputs

Key Benefits

Connects third part systems to Solartron S-Net.

Allow you to use Excel as a data monitoring tool.

Eliminates the requirement for custom programming of your software or replacement of your software.

Allows you to support Solartron Imp hardware on modern PC platforms into the future without major investment in replacement hardware.